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A show of appreciation by Sharing Us would be welcome. RTT's next event is Saturday April 4th


RTT occurs on the 1st Friday of every Month & is a Soul Night where happy, grown-up, like-minded soulful party people come to express themselves on the dancefloor, off the dancefloor both connecting & reconnecting with old & new friends to Remember The Times.

Vivica Foxie

Memories of my friends dancing like that back in the day... just before the beat hit and the dancers flew into their routines... This is such a great soul night, DJ's are on point.. Memories fly around the arenas like the air we breathe... Wonderful!

Genie Sutherland

 I've met some fabulous people at RTT - Friends 4 Life xxx

Victoria Olisa

Enjoyed celebrating my July birthday last night at RTT! Fantastic and intimate new venue. Sore feet is a testimony to a great night. Classic tunes. See you again very soon X

Samantha Lovelace

The most epic nights of all nights celebrating my birthday at RTT, fantastic atmosphere, great crowd and the best music. We partied all night.

Terry Thomas

 It was sublime and sure enough funky. Made me, my lady and her friends fling foot from start to stop.

'Ley Long

Once Again worth the six hour drive from Devon back to my roots. x

Keith Henry

I had a wonderful time. My friend Jacque booked a table and no one sat down all night.  Thanks RTT

Jolanta Maree

Wanted to Say a Big Thank you!! .... last night was my first visit to a RTT Night!!! ,.,.... and what a Great Night it was!!! 😀 .... Such a Great Vibe!! ... Great Music!! .... Filled with Lovely Happy People!! ... Happy Night!! .... Thank you!! 😀 

Sandra Ebanks

I was there last night at RTT Soulnight, it was like going back into time

Terry Hylton

 Danced none stop. Wicked dance floor, plenty of slide on it 👍👏

Trevor Fogah-Griffiths

Brilliant night out and a pleasant experience.

Ally Lespierre

Loved watching the real Soul Boys dancing and the other room was fantastic. Definitely recommend the place now. Thanks. 💋

Vivica Foxie

I'm holding ALL you guys responsible for the wilful destruction of my hips, legs and feet last night 😂😂💃🏿🎉 WICKED night last night!! It'll take me a month to recover 😂

Lorraine Elston

It was a great night ..thank you RTT and the crew for another excellent night with happy people x

Derek Moulder

Music was great, venue was great and people were great, had to leave to early, I'll stay for the course next time.

Catherine Gallagher

We had a brilliant night....always do 😉 big thanks RTT Soul Night

Michael St.louis

Great night, I've introduced another set of people to it. They loved it.